I Hate People

I hate people. I’m not supposed to say that. I’m not living in the world of the ordinary and so I suppose I am supposed to love everyone… but for real, authentically; and that’s who I proclaim to be, I FUCKING hate people.


People are selfish

People are inconsistent

People only show up for you when they can gain something from you

People are people

But as I reflect on this I realize that we create these relationships with people. We teach them how to treat us, we let them know what they can expect from us, we accept their bullshit and we keep going back for more. We are addicted to whatever good feelings they give us so no matter what they put us through we keep playing their game.

So what then? It is statistically improbable that you can live an amazing life all alone and never depend on another person for anything. Name one person whose life you admire. Now look up their support system. Not one of those people is able to live that life without a significant amount of encouragement and support. We as people need people to survive.

Ok so now what Adrien, You’re going back and forth you hate people but you need them. What are you even talking about?

I’m talking about loving people as they are and making the necessary changes you need to survive. You can love your mother and be free of whatever pisses you off about her. Tell her what that is and get over it. The same goes for your best friend. Your aunt. Your mailman. Whoever. Have a conversation where you let them know what the issue is. Let them know that you’re not blaming them, you’re just informing them of what doesn’t work for you. From there move on. Strengthen your relationship or if that relationship no longer serves you let it go. There’s nothing wrong with ending a friendship that is no longer working for any of the people involved. Hell, Beyonce just fired her whole damn management team.

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7 thoughts on “I Hate People

  1. Cyn Hanrahan McCollum says:

    What you’re saying isn’t crazy at all. I have three chance rule. Say something stupid/offensive, do something stupid/offensive, ignore me when I’m in need whether I ask for help or it’s just plain obvious, I will say something. But once you blow through those 3, I will do the real life equivalent of unfollow.

    What I’ve always found disconcerting is those people on the outer circle (ie your mailman, vague social acquaintance, etc) are more willing to hear, accept and make an effort if they know there is a problem than the ones supposed to be closer.


    • authentically adrien says:

      I agree Cyn, very often people who are supposed to be strangers are more willing to help than people who know you. Which leads me to believe the issue is either the familiar persons listening of you or the familiar persons selfishness. There’s really nothing wrong with that we just have to figure that out and fix it.

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