Mind Yo’ Business

In today’s society or actually throughout history a number of issues have been imploded because people in general do not know how to follow one of the basic rules of the UNIVERSE. The rule of minding ones own business. Now there are of course times and moments when minding someone else’s business is not only necessary but pertinent and we’ll get to that but firstly lets discuss what one’s own business is.

One’s own business is anything that effects you and or your personal bubble. Inside of your bubble are the people, places, things, and ideas that belong to you. Each person’s bubble may be different. Some people will have their home, their car, their church, their bed, even their pillow. While other’s will have their plants, their bike, their garden, and even their thoughts, ideas, and creations. Some people’s bubbles may even intersect; for example one’s spouse, children, company, position’s at work. In those instances one has certain rights to mind those joint bubbles at least to a certain extent. These things are yours. You control them. And you have a right to mind them, tend to them, and protect them. You do not however, have the right to infringe upon other people’s business while trying to protect yours.

I will discuss issues of Minding Yo Business on this page. Hopefully by pointing out issues that are not your business I can convince at least one person to mind theirs. Mind yo business that’s all.

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