The Book Corner


I don’t like writing negative reviews. Mainly because of the following reasons:

  • I’m not published yet.
  • I love books and I hate it when I don’t like one.
  • Oftentimes the book was given to me for me to review. I don’t think someone would trust me with that honor if they thought I wouldn’t like it. When I don’t I feel really bad and I don’t write a negative review. I just give the book a low number of stars.
  • My mother says “If you can’t say something nice…”

However, I am more than qualified to judge a book. I’ve read more than 2700 books in my lifetime. I am a constant reader. I read voraciously. I LOVE BOOKS!

A few years ago my dear friend Sheree L. Greer told me that when she really doesn’t like a book sometimes she throws it in the corner. Of course I started this trend and you would not believe the amount of frustration relief that have I received from throwing the offending cretins into the corner.


Sometimes I even let them sit there for DAYS!!!!!

This space is where I shall throw books.

They will be thrown for all sorts of reasons. Maybe I HATED the lead character. Maybe the subject was stupid. Maybe the author needs to find a new editor because I went blind trying to navigate the bad grammar, misspelled words, and missing punctuation.

Or it could be that I just wasn’t in the right mood to read another book with a weak female character, couldn’t understand why they were having sex in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the child that was killed in the first five paragraphs really had no reason to die, or I was annoyed at the fact that the book was set during post apocalyptic times and there were NO POC.


If you send me a book to review and it ends up on this list please allow me to apologize in advance. Chances are I tried really really hard to like it!!!

Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand

Fifty Shades of Grey- EL James

The Dead Key- D.M. Pulley

The Buried Book- D.M. Pulley

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