Book Review: You and Me and Us by Alison Hammer

In You and Me and Us we meet Alexis, Tommy, and CeCe; a family granted one final summer of togetherness before their lives drastically change.

Alexis is living her dream life working long hours at the business that she cocreated with her best friend. Her partner, a psychiatrist works from home and is more hands on with their teenage daughter CeCe. Alexis and her CeCe don’t have the greatest relationship but Alexis reasons with herself that since Tommy is better with the household stuff and they have a great partnership then things will turn out fine eventually.

Tommy loves his family. His professional training as a therapist helps him to serve as the mediator between Alexis and CeCe. He has a great job that allows him to work from home as he helps his daughter navigate her teenage years. He loves that he’s able to be there to support his Alexis as she focuses on taking her start-up to the next level.

CeCe, a typical teenager, is busy with her school play. She’s falling for her co-star and anticipating going to theater camp for the summer. Her mother is a bit too selfish for CeCe’s liking but Tommy is not only her father but her best friend. So all in all her life is pretty great.

Everything seems to be on-track until the family is dealt a devastating blow where they learn that they have one final summer to live as a family. The trio packs up and heads back to Tommy’s hometown where he met Alexis back when they were teenagers.

During their final summer the family comes to grips with what makes a family a family and what the most important things in life really are.

I really enjoyed this story and gave it 5 stars.

I received this book in exchange for an honest book review from Netgalley.

The Village; My Newest Love.

My new favorite television show is The Village. I have a tendency to fall in love with stories about humans loving other humans in the midst of it all. And The Village has it all. (so far) *fingers crossed like a mug*
I’m on episode three and BABAY When Lorraine Touissant’s character tells her man how heavy it is to have to deal with Cancer and the heaviness that is the sadness and despair of the people who love you, I near bout fell out of my chair.
It’s a conversation that I have with Sheree L. Greer frequently acted out on the screen in such a way that I never imagined was possible.
I’ve been waiting forever for someone to acknowledge this. To talk about what it’s like to be sick or fighting for your life and to also be burdened with the feelings and emotions of all of those around you in addition to every other horrifying thing you’re going through.
“It’s more work for me Ron, being in charge of your pain and mine I don’t have it in me.” Has got to be the best line on a television show this year. At least for me whose Mama and Mama’s Mama are both fighting cancers.
“You’re an organ in my body woman. You fail. I fail.” has me on the floor rolling around with something in betwixt glee and heartache.
It’s like… Grey’s Anatomy… That feeling that I had when I fell in love with it all those years ago and I’m so here for it.
Especially this love and those dance breaks.

Dear Cancer, You Missed A Spot.

Man… FUCK CANCER. In all caps.

Cancer can take all of the people we know and love. Can snatch mothers away from their children, children away from their parents, and plenty of our beloved celebrities but apparently Cheeto McFartface and his goons are immune.

My grandmother used to say “Don’t wish death on nobody.” and I don’t. Not really. I mean.. death is a part of life and apparently cancer is death’s bottom bitch, the one he sends in to seal the deal but apparently she’s myopic. She keeps killing the wrong damn people and imma need him to bring her back in and do some retraining. Cause CHARLIE MURPHY? Like really?


America has an entire administration of movie star villains and Cancer could’ve taken any one of those idiots, likely saving millions of people in the process but Nah. When the roulette board of who to take today popped up on the screen death’s bottom bitch was like yeahhhh, let’s take that boy Charlie Murphy. Heaven needs more comedians.

Le sigh. I know he’ll rest in peace but I can’t help feeling like the scales of life and death are totally off balance right now.