Book Review: Every New Year by Katrina Jackson

The world is a dumpster fire so I’ve been seeking feel good books full of love, laughter, and diverse stories. Every New Year was the perfect book to read to set the tone for 2020.

“In the middle of their first year at college, Candace and Ezra share a clumsy kiss that should have been the beginning of an epic love affair, but it’s not. Instead, it begins a nearly two-decade journey of never quite getting the timing right for love. For almost every New Year’s Eve after, Candace and Ezra stumble into one another’s arms, but can’t manage to hold onto each other for more than a single night. They live with the expectant giddiness of being able to spend New Year’s Eve with the person they love, always hoping that next year will be their year. Until eventually, their annual trysts ruin even the friendship that held them together. “

Every New Year is not your typical silly poor woman / well-controlled rich man romance novel. I loved so many things about this book from how well rounded the characters were to the amazing sustainable business that Ezra creates. Ezra is rich, brilliant, and awkward AF. Candace is nuanced, brilliant, and unbeknownst to herself; awkward AF.

When offered the opportunity to read the ARC of this book I wondered how the author was going to manage a story that jumps in plot from year to year in a fresh and interesting way and Katrina Jackson knocks it out of the park. The structure she uses allows readers to follow the characters during their yearly ritual without bogging us down with backstory or losing us and leaving us asking, “How did we get here?”

Ezra and Candace both feel like a couple of your brilliantly awkward friends who you love and want to slap from time to time because why can’t they both just realize what everyone else realizes?

5 Stars and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Read if you too love love and need a break from the dumpster fire of a world that we live in. Extra points for a diverse cast written as if they were meant to be diverse and not just for diversity sakes.

Every New Year is available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited so do yourself a favor and dive in to this lovely story. Let me know if it makes you add some new countries to the top of your bucket list.

Content Warnings:
parental sickness (cancer, diabetes, hypertension)

OH: I’m frequently asked to be an advanced reader for books written by authors of color and I will say that Katrina Jackson has been the simplest and most rewarding author to deal with in a long while. Her email was full of everything I needed to review her book including a link to a file full of pictures to use for the review. I would gladly read books for authors who are this prepared.