Screw The Government If You Want To But It Should Be A Choice

The attack on women’s rights has been increasing instead of decreasing as the years pass. You would think that the more educated we become as a society the more we would understand that what a woman or any person does with their own body should be up to that person. Birth control, abortion, sex changes, and who we screw should totally be up to us. Increasingly it is not.

Women’s Rights has been a target of ridicule for many years now. Dating back to the 1800’s women were treated as mere posessions to be controlled by their posessors. From birth, they were the property of their fathers, until which time that they were purchased for marriage by their suitors. Once the transaction was completed they indefinitely became the property of their lawful husbands, at least until death did they depart. There was no place in society for women, much less for them to have right. Lately i’m feeling like we’re in 1814 instead of 2014.

Having an abortion or not having an abortion is a hard enough choice. Most women who make this decision do not enter in to it lightly and to have the options decreased or to deny access to safe abortions is preposterous especially since proponents of abortion are also the same people voting to decrease fair housing assistance, welfare, daycare assistance, and equal pay.  It was not too long ago when women were dying in back alleys from going to illegal, unsanitary places to have abortions. To do all of these things at the same time doesn’t even make logical sense.  “No you can’t have an abortion but if you can’t afford to take care of the child that’s your own problem.” *confused face*

Even if all of these things were available freely women should be able to make decisions for their own bodies. No matter the reason. Being raped does not trump being in college, being poor, being too busy, or just not wanting children as a reason to not have a child. Also it is not our business if someone uses state funded programs to pay for an abortion. Please don’t justify your nosiness with this excuse.

No one deserves to be forced to explain the reasons behind doing something that directly effects them and their body. It is their body and being that they own it they should be respected to do what they want with it. In the words of some fabulous black lady on the internet if I wanted the government in my womb I would fuck a senator. Actually I’d do Michelle but whatever floats your boat and all that jazz.Unknown


Sitting outside of an abortion clinic and yelling your religious beliefs or trying to make someone feel bad about having an abortion is horrible.  Sitting outside of an abortion clinic dressed in white with a red clothe over your mouth is horrible. Throwing objects on someone outside of an abortion clinic is despicable.Firstly don’t you have something to do with your day that directly impacts you? You have no idea how that woman came to that decision, the effects that the decision have on her, or what is happening in her daily life. And you don’t deserve to. It’s not your business. It’s not the government’s business. It is the person who is pregnant’s business. So mind your’n.

Poetry and Other Such Things

To my Uncle Otis who taught me that broken and repaired things are stronger than the original

I see you
Notice the way you managed to make a way out of nothing
Allowed this country to tear you in two
punch rocket holes in your soul and still manage to avoid being another man standing on the corner begging for dollars with “Help a veteran signs”
Can’t imagine that this was easy
Not easy like raising another’s child
Not easy like trying to steer black boys straight when the world is crooked
Not easy like burying someone you’d put your all in to while expecting them to out live you
Not easy like repeating the cycle
I see you 10487444_261613754027876_7712151747494812132_n
And I wonder if it’s hard for you
Harder than the trauma that exploded your torso
Harder than returning to a country who begged for your representation
While never planning to represent you
I see you like I saw you then
The first time I realized that this country is built on the backs of the souls of those broken and repaired
The first time I realized that the strongest souls are those who were once broken and are now repaired
3/22/14 ADJP