Adrien’s Adventures in Denseville

So, A lot of men come on to me, I should say a lot of people come on to me, and I’m not always aware. I love everybody, I hug everybody, I’m actually a very friendly person once you get pass my resting bitch face. Because of this I often miss the flaming trash cans throwing up I heart Adrien smoke signals until their thrust in to my face forcing me to notice them.

There’s an older gentleman employee at my job who has apparently been giving me the eye since I returned from my eleven month hiatus. Of course, I don’t notice it. He’s married and everyone likes the sassy black girl especially when she smiles.

Today he says as I’m hugging him back turning my body because this hug just got a little too friendly, “Let’s go somewhere and have fun.” To which I reply a little unnerved “Ummm where do you wanna go… an amusement park? I don’t really know what you’re asking.” Of course his coworker is loving this. He’s smiling with his whole face, the longer I look at him the more sure I become that I have to stop hugging people! “Ummm I don’t swing that way plus I don’t want anyone’s wife to be waiting for me in the parking lot. I say as I disengage from this now incredibly awkward half hug. “Only if you tell her.” He remarks and walks away.  

 Why am I so dense?

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