Don’t Let Other People Give You THEIR case of the Mondays.

If you are a person who enjoys being miserable especially on Mondays then this post is probably not for you. Unless you want some insight into how your negativity impacts everyone around you.

It happens like clockwork every week. You get off of work on Friday, have an amazing weekend doing all of the things you want to do, and then before you know it the festivities aren’t quite over yet but you’re already getting anxious about Monday.

You’re not ready for the weekend to end and you’re definitely not ready for the people with The Case of The Mondays. After all you probably work with some of these Monday hating people. It’s easy to avoid the social networking Monday haters but if you’re like me you’re probably getting ready to spend at least an hour stuck in a meeting with these unhappy people.

For me my weekend was everything. I partied with six year olds one day, eighty something year olds the next, and the entire time I got to spend with my fiancee. Like most people we’re very busy so whole weekends together are quite rare. Last night while sitting in a tight space talking (one of my favorite things to do) I asked her if she ever has to deal with Monday hating people. I told her how I hate going in to work on Mondays and that usually I probably seem like an antisocial asshole because I put both headphones in and only respond to people who address me about work.

I don’t want to hear about all of the people who were forced to spend time with their children and families, I don’t want to hear the narrative of the person who actually had a pretty good weekend but only knows how to explain this in a negative manner, and I don’t want to hear the people who come into my office and wax on about how they hate MONDAY.


I want to ask them what Monday ever really did to them. Is it Monday they hate or do they hate their jobs that they have to return to on Mondays? Mostly I want to tell them that as usual my weekend was amazing and to please not Kill My Vibe.

I’ve realized that I don’t hate Mondays, I don’t even hate Monday Haters. I just don’t want to hear it so I listen to an extra motivational video on my way to work and the second someone begins to spread their Case of The Mondays I put both of my headphones in and listen to a book. What their talking about is not my reality. It’s theirs and I don’t want it.

Whatever you do to avoid it realize that you probably don’t hate Monday. She’s a pretty sexy day and she doesn’t deserve all of the disdain. Reflect on your awesome weekend, look forward to the greatness you have planned for next weekend, meditate, or breath just don’t  let other people give you their case of the Mondays!


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