Spider’s Bite and Shouldn’t The Sex Make Sense: Book Review

Is it just me or does the sex need to make sense? I understand that sex isn’t always convenient and that kicking ass and taking names might make one horny, especially if your partner is attractive and someone that you shouldn’t be attracted to (say for instance the assassin that killed your beloved partner for example) but must the characters really decide to have sex in a broom closet whilst they should be making sure that no one kills or kidnaps their other teammate?

Especially when the kidnapper has just filleted another of your teammates to death with her Air Magic?

Idk maybe I ask for too much.

Gin is such a refreshing character. She’s not really your passively aggressive female lead waiting for a man to swoop In and save her.

She’s an assassin:

“My name is Gin and I kill people.” is the simplest and strongest character introduction that I’ve read in a while.

I liked Gin and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she’s a female assassin with some pretty cool skills. I can even appreciate that she only kills bad people. It would’ve been great however, if the writer would’ve just let her be great.

She’s an assassin. She kills people. She doesn’t have to keep explaining that she only kills bad people. We get it.

Other than the badly timed sex and the frequent reminders that we should like Gin because she only kills bad people, I actually liked this book. The writing was decent albeit a bit predictable and cliched in some places, the story had a good flow, and the characters weren’t your typical characters i.e. vampire prostitutes who were pretty easy to kill.

I gave it 3 stars.

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