Randomness 11.15.16

Thoughts while sweeping up the sugar that someone, an adult, has wasted on the floor of my shop.

If I waste something in public, be it wet or dry, I always at the very least, attempt to clean it up.

At restaurants I stack my plates and sweep the trash onto the top one. To make it easier for the server or the bus person.

I usually over tip because I value other people’s time and energy.

I say please and thank you.

I value the people who work at the Drive Thru as much as I value the people who work in the White House, probably more. Cause you know, true love and respect should always start at home.

I believe in God, and Allah, and Buddah, and The Universe, and and and. I believe in other people’s belief that for them there is no Higher Power. sugar-06.jpg

I have never had an abortion but I believe that other people should decide whether they want to have one or not.

I don’t look down on people who need to utilize government assistance.

I chalk many things up to other people’s cultural norms. For example, some people don’t believe that any price is set in stone. I know people who bargain at Macy’s up north. Trying that in Tampa… Good luck.

I have met very bad people from many different places and many different races. The same for good.

I don’t believe that America was ever “Great” for everyone but I believe that it can get there. Starting with maybe sweeping the sugar that you wasted on the floor of a store, or saying hi without someone having to say it first, or not trying to push your mores, values and beliefs onto other people, or  just realizing that everyone does things differently and that they deserve respect for that.

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