Period Brain. Stress. Anxiety. Something

Something is going on with my brain. Lately I can’t remember much of anything. If I sit and think about it I can come up with a myriad of reasons but it’s probably because in the Land of Adrien there is A WHOLE LOT happening. And when I say a whole lot. I mean exactly that.

  • Cancer Ridden Declining Grandma
  • Business Ups and Downs
  • Book Release
  • Kid’s Birthday
  • Kid going to CA with his dad for Christmas
  • Oral Fixation Anthology Deadline
  • Fantastic Ekphrastic Deadline
  • New Business
  • And. And. And.

Add if we’re fiends I know you’re probably Like Adrien, girl,  your life is always a lot-but seriously this lot is the most ups and downs I have had in quite a while. I’m not complaining. I’m blessed and I know it but… I ‘m so nervous that I’m thinking of asking my doctor for something to calm me down.

I’m so nervous that I’m starting to forget things. Like, Why did I come into the kitchen? Did I pay that bill for the shop? I know I went onto the website. Did I call my aunt back about my grandma? I know I picked up the phone.

I’m so nervous that I pick up my phone to promote my book and I have absolutely zero ideas of where to even begin. Ask me how you should promote yours and I’ll spout off a list half a mile long. Ask me what captions to write and I’ll give you a weeks worth. Now go and read my latest captions promoting my book and then tell me if you would ask that person for advice.

I know I should try to meditate but my brain will not hush long enough for me to do anything but fall into stress induced sleep.

What do you do when you’re overstimulated to help yourself calm down?




SHAMELESS PLUG: My Poetry Book Brownish Green Female Sheep is being released on January 27th you can get it here: Vital Narrative Press


Save the date.


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