On Parenting: Go To Bed or Else

Parenting ProTip: if your child won’t go to sleep just start asking them to do things. 

Child of mine who thinks that sleep is an option and would rather read than rest, Please:  
Bring me the remote. (It’s next to me but so what. 

Pass me that towel. (I really don’t need it but whatevs)

Get me a glass of water.

Go to the car, look in the backseat and bring me my bag.

Oh it’s not in there? Check the office. 

Not there either? Look in my closet. I appreciate your help.

Grab me that ice pack out of the kitchen.

By the time you get to the third or forth ask their bed is looking mighty nice.


Bonus Points if you get them to do things that actually need to be done like laundry, dusting, or washing dishes. 

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