Should you give a shit about priviledge?

Should you give a shit about privilege? Specifically the privilege that money, class, and fame bring which allows people to separate themselves from being considered Black or African American? Or homosexual. I’ve been pondering this since the whole Oprah/ Raven Simone interview and I’ve come up with a few things.

One: I don’t like labels so I can totally understand why someone would object to being classified as one thing or another.

Two: Not claiming a label does not stop others from classifying you as such.

-See Kanye’s line in All Falls Down where he says “You still a Nigger in a Coupe” See Donald Sterling’s racist rant. Magic Johnson in his eyes is still a nigger in a coupe.-

Three: The reason most people were upset is because lots of people especially disenfranchised people such as homosexuals and African Americans have a hard time finding representation and when they think that someone represents them and find out that that person does not then their feelings are hurt. This is understandable… to a certain extent. Every person deserves to own themselves and make decisions for themselves as they see fit. They deserve to be respected when they make these claims. And on the other hand we deserve to say “Oh, ok. My bad. I clearly thought you were someone that you’re not.” AND we or people who are upset because honestly I’m really not, Raven Simone is simply not that relevant to me, She hasn’t been since she was on The Cosby Show; deserve to move these people off of whatever pedestals we’ve placed them on and keep it trucking. Life is too short and we have bigger issues.

-see Ferguson, Chicago, Isis, Gay Marriage, the attack on women’s rights, and the list goes on and on like the Erykah Badu song-

Four: The reason a lot of people were upset is because this frame of thought can be dangerous. Contrary to this new belief America is not a post racial society. Racial prejudice is real and people are dying everyday because of it.

Bottom line is; yes privilege can be dangerous, but in the instance of these “new black” people ( a term I DESPISE as much as I despise ACTING WHITE, Proper, and THOT) such as Raven Simone, KeKe Palmer, and Pharell fuck em and feed em Pork n Beans. They’re not your representatives. They didn’t apply for the position and they certainly don’t want it. If they bother you bad enough quit supporting them and quit allowing your children to support them. And move on. Spend your angry time and energy on things that deserve your time and energy.

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