You Are Worthy- For Porsche


I wanted you to know your worth

To understand that since birth you had not been cursed
That you, you are one of the greatest gifts of Earth
And that your appraisal is tied closer to your ability to lead over 300 people away from oppression,  prevent genocide, break glass ceilings, lift cars off of children, and rewrite history, all while barely receiving acknowledgement

 You are not a mistake you are too many exquisite details to be a mistake

if that is in fact what you think you are
are the true wonders of the world and how could something so wonderful
So magnificent
So glorious
ever be a mistake
And I wish that you knew how
fucking glorious you are
Segway I recently found out that the reason why men have nipples is because a penis is actually a mistake at conception
So the next time someone tells you some bullshit ass story about you being some mans rib
You open your mouth and you smile wide with all of your teeth
Smile so wide that they have to put on their shades in order to engage with you As they well should any way because even diamonds left in the middays sunlight don’t shine as bright as your presence
I want you to know your worth
To realize your strength
To know how bright your light shines
To realize that you are somebody
And maybe you need to go back to the old days
Write it on your mirror or get new school and tattoo it on your chest right above your zodiac sign
And say it to yourself everyday
Frontwards and backwards
I am somebody
Somebody I am
Until not only you but the whole world recognizes just how exquisite you really are
You are a super star
And you don’t have to be a Barbie, a bad bitch, a drop hoe, or anyone’s ride or die to prove this
You don’t even have to prove it
You just have to simply

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