Adrien’s Adventures in Homeownership 07.26.15

Soooo you buy a house, you move in, you unpack most of your things… now what? Firstly you realize that homeownership is EXPENSIVE and that you need to pace yourself. My home was completely remodeled so I haven’t needed to replace anything crucial but a bunch of little things keep popping up that will need to eventually be addressed.

Example: The HUGE washer and dryer that I had to have in order to not be forced to wash my comforters at a laundry mat, doesn’t fit!

IMG_3375 Dueling Machines!

After much deliberation over whether to return them, exchange them, bust open the wall to make space for them, or to be logical and make them fit for now and arrange to have the connections moved in order for them to fit, I went with the latter. So for now my machines look like they’re in an epic duel. Eventually I’ll budget enough money to have the connections moved but for now it works.

There are also a lot of low-cost incidentals which can add up to a pretty penny if you don’t pay close attention to every swipe of your card. I have three bathrooms, none of which came with a shower curtain rod.  So I needed three of those along with a mailbox, a refrigerator, a stove, and a couch. Which I purchased all on credit. So in addition to my mortgage payment I’ve gone from a person who had no debt outside of student loans to a person with more debt than I’d like to admit. I know #FirstWorldProblems. I’m privileged and today I am so appreciative of the few privileges that I have. Without the debt I wouldn’t even have a bed to sleep in.

I’m trying to clamp down on my excitement and urge to go out and fill my home with all of the things that I think I want. After my divorce I took my time furnishing my apartment and that process ended up with me being the most comfortable I’ve ever been in an apartment.  I keep reminding myself of this along with the fact that I intend to own this house for years to come and over time my preferences will change. So I can’t just go out and charge a bunch of trendy items. Mostly I’m re-learning what I’ve known for a while, if you take your time and strategize you can have anything you want and need without breaking the bank. I’m realizing what I definitely have to have (a bed) and what I can wait a while to get (a dining room table). So if you happen to visit be prepared to eat dinner on my lovely TV tables.

My greatest homeowner accomplishments over the last week:

Installing my own mailbox with DJ and BF.

Locating an extra long shower curtain that I like for the master bathroom. (A task a lot harder than it seems.)

Utilizing my resources to get my shower rod hung. (AB will forever be the greatest!)

Realizing that I have all the time in the world to get this home decorated the way that I want it. IMG_4011

I did it!

I did it!

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