What’s in your toolbox? 10.5.15

I am a proud member of the slash society. You know those of us who wear more hats than is probably medically safe; DJ’s mother/ Nurse/ Writer/ Blogger/ Journalism Student/ Social Media Manager/ AB’s fiancee/ Oral Fixation co-host/ Organo coffee distributor/ I am probably out of my flipping mind.

How can I possibly do all of these things? Is it possible? If it is am I doing them all well? Did my kid wear clean underwear to school? Did I remember to tell AB about that important thing?

You’re probably thinking one of two things either I am

1: on a cocaine diet


2: horribly failing at half of those things…


  • According to my boss and the provider of my main stream of income I am an exemplary employee.
  •  Like most moms I know I am the best mom I can be. I’m not perfect but I try really hard to provide for all of DJ’s needs. 
  • The blog is growing. 
  • My social media marketing clients are happy and experiencing measurable growth related to my hard work.
  •  And so on and so forth. In a nutshell; I am doing this shit. And doing a pretty good job of it.

Envision a woman wearing high heels standing in the center of a bunch of balls that are revolving around her head. The key is to touch every ball at least once a day in order to keep them in circulation. Even if you just touch it to schedule something for a later date, to prioritize one thing over the other, or to decline an invitation to do something else. Sometimes one of them will require more attention and when that happens you need to be able to quickly shift focus without dropping one of your balls. Especially if all of your balls are important to you. Also you need a really good toolbox. 


What’s in mine?

Prayer and meditation. I need to realign myself before I get out of bed every morning. I’m doing a lot and if my mental faculties are skewered everything else will be too.

An amazing support system. I’m surrounded by people who do everything from babysit, to remind me to go pee.

My Apple Watch. It’s my computerized secretary. I use it to schedule, plan, write notes, remember to stand up, measure my heart rate while I exercise, and to manage my clients social media accounts.

Organo coffee. I was skeptical about a coffee that didn’t give you jitters if you drank too much, could help you create a stream of income, and help you lose weight. So far it’s been a much welcomed addition to my toolbox. Oh and the cafe latte flavor is muy delicioso.

Tieks. I’m not getting paid to say that these shoes are worth every cent. I’m too busy to wear heels. I don’t have time for them. I’m not one of these women who can walk in them as if they were in their bare feet, and running which I do frequently, would be impossible. But I have a professional job where I’m expected to either wear scrubs (which I hate) or dress professionally. Tieks can be worn in any situation from business environments, to karate schools, to late night journalism classes and beyond. They’re comfortable, look great, and they don’t hurt my feet after wearing them from 6 am to midnight on most days.

Oh and if AB needs me to accompany her to a formal event they’re still appropriate!!!

I won’t say that I don’t get tired or that I am not counting the days until my SM, Blog, and writing; officially pay the bills. Or that I’m not so ready to be done with school but with my toolbox I’m able to complete all of my daily tasks and still enjoy my life.

So are you a slasher and if so what’s in your toolbox?

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