Did you think this all the way through?

Sometimes I see something online and in my head I hear a flurry of expletives. Something along the line of 

Are you effing kidding me? 

You can’t be effing serious.

Who the eff thought this was a good idea?

For instance:

This? This is how someone thought we would solve gun violence?

Let me guess… It was probably created by someone who denies that we have a home grown terrorism issue. Even though it’s a fact that since 9/11 we have had twice as many domestic terrorism attacks than foreign attacks in The US.

Or maybe it’s one of those people who assumes that every other country is doing far worse than we are and makes statements such as “OMG do you know that they have to have police escorts to go to school in Rwanda… Afghanistan… Seria.”

Either way it’s idiotic. There is no way that having four armed people in schools is a good idea. 

1: We have a major mental health issue in our country.

2: A large amount of our veterans have mental health issues. Ever hear of PTSD or someone being shell shocked. I have. I treat these people.

Don’t get me wrong  I’m not saying that all veterans suffer from mental illness I’m simply saying that this meme is not the cure to our gun violence issue.

Nothing about it screams SAFETY.

I don’t want it in my son’s school and I don’t want it on my college campus.

Having to walk through four armed guards to get to class is not my idea of fun. Armed guards in my mind equate to the polar opposite of warm and fuzzy. No matter who is holding them. 


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