Taking Flight

It’s 8:09am and my flight just boarded to my first official writers conference.

 The fact that it’s LGBTQ centered makes me think of intersections, a topic I’ve been pondering quite a lot lately. I am so many things that intersect at  so many intersections.

I bumped into Sheree at the airport. She has been dragging me along for the last couple of years, urging me to write, urging me to publish, urging me to realize that there is power in words, that my words have power. 

She helped me to understand that this writer’s life is not easy and that if I wanted it I would have to actually do the work. 

So I’ve been doing the work. Unlocking myself. Gaining a sense of self confidence that is required to embark upon this journey. And I’m on it. 

 So it’s 8:14am and I’m sitting on this plane feeling like my life, my #writerslife is finally taking flight. 

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