3 Reasons Why Kelsey Grammer and his shirt are “immoral” and stupid. 

1: Using the horrendous massacres of American Citizens to further your antiabortion platform isn’t just immoral, it’s massively insensitive.

2: Doctors performing medical procedures whether for choice, convenience, or to save a mothers life is not equal to or greater than gun violence. 

3: If he’s not willing to support these embryos

  •  (by putting his estimated 60-100million net worth where his big fat cheating mouth is)
  • his wife isn’t the birther of these embryos, or he hasn’t slipped up and got caught out there (by getting another woman pregnant)(but wait he’s done that! OH THE MORALITY)  his opinion is just that; opinion. 

Even if any of these cases were true his voice is still low man on the totem pole i.e. No uterus no talky out against.


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