Dream Life

“Do you have a dream life?” I think we were watching TV or something and AB repeated the question by the character of whichever show we were watching, Probably Grey’s Anatomy. That seems like a Grey’s question, “Do you have a dream life?”

I gave her my canned response “I’m living my dream life.”

It wasn’t true. It isn’t true. If my dreams were a reality I would:

  • Be a working writer making at least what I make in corporate America.
  • Have enough Social Media Marketing clients to turn down business.
  • I’d have enough money in the bank to provide for three generations to be more than comfortable.
  • I’d have a real estate portfolio large enough to require a full time management company.
  • My last three books would have all been on the New York Times best selling list for over twelve months.
  • My family would still be happy, healthy, and loved.

I truly believe that if you want to manifest your dreams then you need to write them down. Are you living your dream life? If not what does it look like? Write it down.

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