Slash Society: I Hate Laundry

Being a member of the slash society requires a very strong support system, focus, excellent scheduling skills, and the ability to know when things need to be delegated. So AB and I have been automating and outsourcing some of our household tasks.

For instance, the bane of my existence; Laundry.

Seriously it’s the one thing around the house that never seems to end. The second you get the last sock matched you realize that there’s a new batch piling up, waiting for you to start the cycle all over.

What’s worse is if you’re a particularly busy person and you’re forced to do your laundry when you could be doing anything else. Like watching Netflix and laying down, much less chill.

A couple of weeks ago AB had a meeting with an old business partner who has recently started a dry cleaning/laundry business in the Tampa area that will pick up your laundry and dry cleaning for a nominal fee.

She called to tell me about it and of course I jumped at the opportunity.

For as little as 70$ a month Mango Cleaners will pick your laundry up from your doorstep, wash it, fold it, and deliver it back to your door  in about two days.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten my life back. I love arriving home to a fresh batch of laundry hanging from my door knowing that all I have to do is put it away.

Contact Mango Cleaners to get your life back and let them know that Adrien sent you. #ThankMeLater


On your pick up day you hang your soiled laundry on a hook provided by Mango Cleaners:


On delivery day they hang the laundry back on the hook:

Inside of these packages are fresh, folded laundry, all ready to be put away:


(While trying this out I realized that people might get the wrong idea about clean clothing hanging on a door so I moved it to my garage door. I’m charitable but I don’t want to just give away all of our clothes.)

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