Gratitude List 042316

I’m grateful for so many things. Mostly for the mind to remember to be grateful. For everything for every thing. Today I am most grateful for:

A home that I own. No rent, no weird maintenance people. No co-owned roaches from my neighbor’s apartment.

AB getting to spend the weekend with her Bestie. Which gives us both a weekend to miss each other. When you live, love, and work together having your own lives is imperative.

Random messages from writer friends. If you’re a writer, find your tribe and love them hard. They’re so very necessary for a great Writer’s Life.

Snap Chat- Silliness without the drama.

Tumblr-Where writers go to grow.

My family was here last weekend including my grandmother Nettie. Even though I didn’t get to spend much time with them I feel recharged.

Endings, beginnings, and every thing in between.

For feeling like today I have come in to my own. Maybe tomorrow I won’t know who I am or what I want but today I am so sure.

Owning my own business where every day can be bring your child to work day.

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