Older/Wiser Whatever it is; I’m it aka my Beyonce Concert Experience

Last night AB took me to the Beyonce Formation concert. Half as an early birthday present. Half as a we need to get out of the house and do something because being business owners, parents, and employees is STRESSFUL as Fuck. At least right now.

So she got us some what would be considered nose bleed section seats. I’ve never blogged about this but I’m pretty much what you would call a bougie black girl. In fact when the concert tickets went on sale I declined to purchase them because good tickets (I need to be close enough to  look into the singers eyes while they sing to me. Cause everyone knows that they are singing to me)  were not in our budget and I was not willing to take something else out just to be able to afford them. I like Bey but I am not a Stan nor am I a part of the Bey Hive. So when it comes down to bi-weekly cleaning ladies and laundry service vs one night with #Bae at #Bey I declined.

But Bey dropped Lemonade and me being the artist/hopeless romantic that I am, was instantly sucked in . I didn’t just want the  tickets. I needed them. And AB being who she is ( a person who SEES me). Knew this. So she purchased them, last minute. Taking the best available at the price that we could afford. This was my first insight into the fact that we’re old. Bougie black girl #1 and Ashley AB Butler do not DO nosebleed seats. EVER. But yesterday, we did.

Insight #2:

I watched people preparing for their night with Bey via Oral Fixation’s Facebook page and quite a few times I was like “Oh hell naw. I’m not wearing heels, or a dress, or putting on make up.” Good thing when I got home and started to get dressed AB was on the same wave length.

“I can guarantee that Beyonce is not thinking about what people are wearing. Even if you got to meet her personally what you’re wearing would not be on her mind.”- AB said as she put on comfortable clothes.

(Whoop Whoop!)

So we didn’t get all dressed up aka I  didn’t wear heels: 🙂

Don’t worry  we both wore comfortable, reasonable clothes well suited for walking long distances, being at a concert in a stadium, and looking as cute as comfortably possible… Which was quite cute if I do say so myself.

#3 I drank one drink before I left the house and did not purchase a single solitary thing at the concert. Not even popcorn. Partially because I didn’t want to spend a million dollars on drinks but mostly so I wouldn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom and miss anything or keep asking other people to get up so that I could get pass them. See, doesn’t that sound like some old lady stuff?

Lastly I’m currently on a personal site social media hiatus so I didn’t even feel the need to try to share my experience via the internet. I think I might have sent to snaps t o my snap chat out of boredom before the concert started. But once it started my phone stayed in my pocket. My focus was on the show and serenading AB (cause how else would she really enjoy herself if I didn’t sing to her?)

Anyways we had an amazing time. Sitting up that high at a night time concert was AMAZEBALLS we were uber close to the stars while being serenaded by Queen Bey herself. Seriously I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. 

Oh and this blog has no pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself to think about that. (I’ll do better next time.  I know you care about seeing my face.)

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