Work Place Stupidity

You know how you just know a thing but you try not to say it to anyone because:

  • you’re a landmark grad and you shouldn’t make things into stories.
  • no one  will understand because let’s be for real, since Auntie Tom screwed her way out of a job you are once again the only brown face at the table.
  • the other people around this table are really good at making you the bad guy. (no story)
  • it really doesn’t matter if you say anything to anyone about the injustices that you face daily because your last day is permanently marked in ink so *shrugs* do your job and keep it trucking.

Well, whether you say anything to anyone- the ignorance of certain people will in fact raise it’s bleached blonde head when you’re trying so hard to be good.

And when it happens you should try very hard to be cool. Like this morning when she claimed that she watched your face when someone in the room said something stupid that she just knew was going to annoy you and you responded “I have like 6 weeks left here. There is nothing you or anyone else can do to get a rise out of me. Try harder.”tumblr_lfsjooBIEJ1qgdylfo1_400

In that moment you realized what the true image of crestfallen was.tumblr_inline_mxar0ynm491s294vp And you realized for the 1,908, 763,219 time that there are people in America who really have no lives outside of trying to make someone else’s more difficult for no other reason than… hell how would you know? Be glad you don’t and keep slaying.

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