I Got Nothing But Gifs For You Baby

I know as a black femme woman I’m supposed to be here for Azalea Banks but I can’t. She’s that one skinny girl from the projects who kept fucking with the boys until one popped her in the mouth. Like I feel bad that she got spit on but I have better places to put my anger. She totally needs to go sit all the way down. Can we order her into counseling? Some is direly needed.

Some people lose Facebook friends over who they’re voting for. I lose Facebook friends over people calling me stupid over who I’m voting for. I don’t even say a thing just *unfriend* or *unfollow* they’ll notice six months from now when my likes are missing from the pics of their new kitten.

Speaking of Kanye did he really say that Jay-Z and his kids don’t play together? Maybe because like cousin Azalea up top Kanye is always in some shit. My mama used to kill plenty of friendships of mine because the friend was too messy. #YouAreWhoYouHangWith 

I’m so over this damn election cycle. If I only had two fast forwards left in my fast forward bank I’d totally fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving. I need time to bake my pies. 

I love my wife. I love my child. #Simple

If I ever become a name dropper please slap me and remind me of this post. *curtsies* Thanks in Advance 

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