It’s Not That Bad

Yesterday at school some kid told DJ that Trump was supposed to win because white people are the backbone of this country. They’re in middle school. This is the nar that they’re parents are teaching them.

After our workout last night a car rolled through our neighborhood and screamed out “white people”.

I have many friends who are saying it’s not that bad or that nothing is going to happen. I’m sure that these same thoughts were thought during every horrible incident in history. I pray that these instances were flukes. I do not believe they were. 

I read the article that lists what Trump plans to do in his first 100 days. As I thought it would be, it is horrible for our country. For the environment. For our world. 

This is the world we live in. 

One thought on “It’s Not That Bad

  1. RejuVEGANating says:

    The fear is real. I think many are in denial. I heard on the news that women are being harassed, their body being touch without permission and the men will laugh and say it’s ok because Trump does it and he is President now. Some women reported having their Hijab snatched off their heads. Its only been a few days and already is an open mess. Lord help us. SMH.

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