Randomness 11.11.16

If I cook with jalapeños, which I do most nights of the week, I’m guaranteed to burn my lips, eyes, or some other orifice with my jalapeno hands.

DJ’s new tutor is hot. I’ve officially witnessed how my child acts around beautiful women. Within ten minutes he’s gotten really into what they’re working on. #BestMoneyIveSpentAllYear


If I ate better I would be in killer shape. My trainer is the best thing since sliced bread. Ask my thighs.

I opened a bottle of wine two days ago. Tonight I shall finish it. Pinky Promise.

Growing up I learned how to make a dollar stretch especially when it comes to food. Tonight I’m making nachos cause that’s the food I have in my house aka I’m too ugh to grocery shop and the Shipt delivery woukd be too late. Also, I’m committed to living beneath my means in case I need my pesos to get out of this country quick.

Every day I feel like I’m getting a better look at what 1954 was like. I don’t like it.

I think it’s Winter in Tampa. It’ll probably last a week but I’m going to get all of the use out of my boots.

I went to a party. One of the kindest most free hearts in Tampa just moved into her new place. AB talked me in to going and I had a lot of fun. Guardedly.

I’m still hurting. Still loving. Still laughing. Still hurting.

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