Randomness 11.13.16

Randomness 11.13.16
Darian is making breakfast with the same supplies I was supposed to use for brunch. *shrugs* back to the grocery I go.
AB wanted to go to the beach today but she refuses to sit by the pool with me under a blanket. I’m side eyeing her harder that I side eye Drumpfs combover. 
Dr. Marnita has a solution for all of my male friends who are losing their hair. I mean unless they insist on looking like the The aforementioned.
I thought about going home for Thanksgiving but the way my bank account is setup. Also I still need a roof. Anyone wanna give me a small loan of a million dollars?
Then I thought about driving home for Thanksgiving til I remembered that the drive is over 18hrs and ain’t nobody got time for dat.
Most weekends my nephews come over. Today…Today they finally asked for a toothbrush. When I went to give them the toothbrushes they were brushing their teeth with their pointer fingers. #BoysAreGross 
Most Americans read on a seventh grade level but we stay talking shit about “third world countries” who can outwork the hell out of us in most everything. #ReadMoreBooks
I used to say that I didn’t pass gas. I burped. But then I started getting my GI system corrected and 😐 every morning there’s a whole concert as I wake up. Like is there a way to make this not happen? I’m asking for a friend. 
I didn’t get the BuzzFeed Fellowship. For now I’m done crying. Maybe I should go on a hike through the woods. 
Happy Sunday peeps. America ain’t never been as great as some of y’all think but we can get it there. Today though, let’s rest.

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